First Floor Living, Farmer’s Markets, and Neighbors

Sitting at my desk in this apartment is strange. I’m on the first floor, what you might call a walk in, and I feel so exposed. I’m used to being 3 stories up, 3 stories up where no one can see if you’re naked in your room, or singing into your hairbrush, or simply sitting at your desk typing away. I’ve tried to figure out what kind of tint is on the window and it’s hard to tell. How much can people see into my apartment? Too much I would argue. Way too much. And it’s human nature to look into a window when we pass by. What’s in there? Can I see my reflection? How does my hair look? My neighbor, who owns the apartment complex directly across from mine is constantly coming outside, standing for a minute under the overhang, looking around, inevitably looking into my apartment, because lets face it, it’s right there, and then going back inside. I’d say he does this about 22 times a day if I had to give a number and it’s becoming unsettling. Not because I think he’s trying to see into my apartment but because I know when we make eye contact, that my life in this apartment, as long as my blinds are open, is not private. My life, my possessions, my music, my habits, they are all on display for whoever might walk by. It is something I will have to grow accustomed to over the next year. It’s one of those things you learn by experience. Add living on the first floor to the list of things I don’t ever want to do again (as well as living with more than 2 other people, living with someone I don’t know well, and living on a busy college street riddled with drunken freshmen).

Jazz Band Farmer's Market

But all in all, I’m finding Boulder to be a fantastic place to live. There’s live (free) music every night, great restaurants with very few chains, and awesome deals on happy hours. If you go to the right places, the crowds are mixed, from tourists, to college students, to real adults (I still don’t consider myself in that category). I’ve been told The Hill is where all the college kids go, and thus have been avoiding it like the plague (okay, maybe I’m more of an adult than I think).


PIle of beautiful beets at the market
PIle of beautiful beets at the market

L1070746 L1070747

I recently checked out the Boulder Farmer’s Market and I have to say I was impressed. Although a tad pricey, it had so much to offer, and so many products outside of the ordinary, like duck eggs and kombucha. At least half the folks there had biked, which was evident from the overflowing bike racks, helmets clipped to backpacks, and messenger bags bulging with leafy greens. There was a small jazz band playing near the food trucks, people were dancing, and even though it was 95 degrees, everyone seemed to be having a great time.

L1070756 L1070755

Which seems to be the general attitude here. Not to sensationalize the entire town, as I’m sure there have to be people having totally shitty days, but everyone is always having a great time. It seems like everyone is just happy to be here.

L1070760 L1070758


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  1. Leesa says:

    Feelin’ and livin’ your pain on the first-floor privacy and living next to drunken student rental front. Jealous of that market. Wonderful photos. So looking forward to following your first year in grad school and Boulder.


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